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You’re a Bad Mom!

We've all heard it before, either from someone else or from yourself. One thing I have come to realize while Bible studying is that our interpretation of words can be skewed. So what does bad truly mean? I think it is so important to go right back to the truth and start from there. The definition of "bad" is "of poor quality or a low standard". It is simple to say that you fit under the category of “poor quality". But do you truly? How are your standards? Are they low? Be honest with yourself. If you're questioning the quality of your parenting style, that would mean you do not have low standards correct? Following that the concept of poor quality and low standards go hand and hand. So in short, if you care so much about the standards and quality of care for your child(ren), how could you be a bad mom? The truth is you’re not a bad mom.

I understand that knowing the truth and how you feel about things do not always go hand in hand. That’s why the Lord says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9 That is why it is so Important to have the foundation of truth.

Truly I have learned that the small things matter in our parent/child relationship just as they do in our adult relationships. Here are a few steps I have taken to help with mom guilt.

  1. Routine. Routine. Routine. Our kids need a daily routine. Not only does it help us manage their schedules but it helps them with harder tasks such as cleaning their room or going to bed. Ive noticed that when my kids know what’s coming next its not so much of a fight and sometimes they do it on their own.

  2. Clean their room every night. This one is more for my sanity so I am more patient. Messes can get overwhelming and who wants to sleep in a messy room every night? Harlee cleans her room at 6:30pm every night. It has made bedtime AND cleaning much easier for everyone.

  3. Make time for your kids. Lets get real, life can get busy and sometimes it feels like we just don’t have enough time. Personally I have a hard time playing with my kids as they grow older. I am still learning but one thing that has helped us is reading. After Harlee is done cleaning her room we read a book. This also encourages the clean room. I started this after I became a book lady and got a ton of free books! If you want some engaging and educational books feel free to check out UBAM books.

  4. Bedtime at the same time. During the week both kids are in bed by 7pm. Weekends by 8:30pm. This ensures they both get a good night sleep and that is the end of the routine.

In the end its impornt to remember the TRUTH always. You’re not a bad mom. I hope these tips help you.

If you have a prayer request feel free to text (757)655-7010

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