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Sorry I peed on your poop sign

Yesterday was... hard and weird. I woke up to bubs extremely upset. He was in a bad mood almost all day, I didn't realize he has a tooth cutting until later in the day. He chomped my nipple so hard, three times!! OWCH!!! I caved and gave him some tylenol. I didn't know what else to do for him honestly. He was clearly miserable. Then amongst that I was also trying to plan our trip home which is always extremely stressful. So yesterday was a lot of tears and stress. I prayed midday just asking God to help me feel better about everything and not so hopeless. When I got up to eat, I knew he wanted me to eat the apple and not make something full of carbs. Immediately I felt better! I turned on worship music and cleaned the whole kitchen and living room that I neglected the day before. It was honestly wonderful. Of course the sink is a mess again today, but what can you do with a house full?? Since Colti's tooth is cutting I am getting zero sleep again. It sucks. I am exhausted. It will get better though, I know. Today it's 79 degrees out!!! Mike has a meeting and then he is going to workout, but when he gets home he is going to do water balloons with Harlee! I am so excited. She has been begging to use them but it's been so cold and rainy. She doesn't know yet, it's a surprise! I will come back and update my blog later with the story and pictures. I am so glad I stuck it through yesterday because the next few days are going to be so fun!! Tomorrow we are going to show Mike the park we discovered while he was gone and I really think he is going to love it. Actually I know he will love it!


I forgot to update last night haha. So I will just do that now. So I bought this sign for my bathroom and I call it my "poop sign" (you'll understand when you see the pics below) Earlier in the day, I heard a loud noise. Harlee heard it too. "What was that mom?" She asked. "I think it was my poop sign." I responded. "Your poop sign?!" she asked confused. "Yeah, will you go check for me?" She went to the bathroom and checked then came back. "Mom! Your poop sign flew out the window!!" she exclaimed. "There is no way it fell outside." I said. "Come mom, I will show you." Harlee was excited to show me and when we got to the bathroom sure enough my poop sign was no where to be found. She lifted up the toilet seat and there it was. Now if you know Harlee, you know she doesn't like to flush the toilet or put the toilet seat down. So it was sitting in pee. "Of course you didn't flush the toilet! There is pee!" I said. Harlee looked a little upset and said "I'm sorry I peed on your poop sign mommy." Aaaaaaand... that was the highlight of my day! After Mike got home I warmed up food for him while he played water balloons with Harlee! Yesterday was chill but fun! They ended up making Mike work today so no park now :( Maybe tomorrow! Also don't make water balloons for other people and then go outside or you will get soaked..... Love y'all!

She loves the thumbs up lately

He makes me want more kids 😭 (Not really tho)

The "poop sign" 😂

I rarely get to see this kid sleep since he's a light sleeper

I just had to share this. He is so adorable.

Harlee got him where it hurts 😂

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