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Life got in the way, but that's okay!

Hey you! It's been awhile. I don't remember why, but I forgot about my blog. Whoops! Occasionally I would remember it but then quickly forget because, you know, mom brain. I have been in a tough season! I was lacking sleep, Colton wasn't sleeping, Harlee doesn't stop talking and me? I don't even know. I have literally no idea where the time went or what I did. I think I was just trying to survive. I took a break from a lot of things and just truly started pouring myself into the Lord. By his grace my tough season is over. By all means it is not my last one, but for now I get to rest. Sort of. Harlee is out of town visiting family with her dad and while I still have Colton having one kid vs two is definitely the break I needed. I have been taking advantage and cleaning every day! I think this is the cleanest/most organized my house has ever been! Which is so perfect because it will set my up for success when Harlee gets home. I am truly so thankful for this time I have been given. I think I am also learning more about Colti and how he communicates which is awesome!! He sleeps through the night now (Can I get an amen??) and I think I am learning when he's hungry, thirsty or just needs a nap.

Mike gets home in two days and then we head to Florida for vacation! Harlee will still be with her family but that is okay! My husband and I need time ALONE 😅 I can't wait to share the details of my trip! I really hope to get back into blogging. For now I am going to rest while the baby naps, then will continue cleaning.

I would like to end with this. Do not fear when you are in a tough season, for it will end even if you do not see the light. Keep fighting. Confide in the Lord. Make him your priority because when you submit to him is when you will receive the most beautiful blessings and REST.

"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established." Proverbs 16:3

My handsome Olive Garden date ❤️

Lazy river 😴

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