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Just another day

Today is somewhat of a blur because Colton slept even worse last night. He's really not awful, he just wakes up a lot and occasionally doesn't want to go back to sleep. It's usually either or though. So today I mostly rested. I wanted to clean so badly but I don't want to exert more energy than necessary. When I do that I am more irritated by my four year old who doesn't. stop. talking... 😂 I'm sure I feel exactly the way my husband does when he gets home from a boat det. Except there is two of us just telling him everything that happened in the last two weeks to a month. Wow, my poor husband 😂 I do always make sure the house is clean for him and there is beer in the fridge. So ya know what, he can suck it up for a bit!

I have not been counting down the days he is away this time and it does not make it go any faster. I really thought that might change it. I guess staying busy does keep my mind occupied, but when I see something of his I just remember how long we have and it's an annoying refresher. Usually I hear from him more which of course makes it only slightly easier. I wish I had at least one friend over here. This blog post is turning sappy but honestly, I'm lonely. I need an adult to talk to face to face. I made a charcuterie board out of pure boredom today. I decided to go out on a limb and invite whoever on facebook. Of course no one came. lol #aloneforever But thats okay with me. I'll just have a glass of wine alone. Today really wasn't all that great or all that bad. I do have to mention that when I walked into the kitchen, Harlee was eating the charcuterie board.

Harlee,“mom! I’m talking to God!”

Me, “oh okay... sorry.. continue”

Harlee, “God I don’t like this cheese, or this one, or this thing. Because they are just gross. I don’t want to eat it. But I do like this one... and the grapes” 😂😂😂

She really make living worth it!! She's hilarious. I love being her mom. Cheers to loving our kids and being exhausted at the same time. It's ok momma. You're not alone. ❤️

My first Charcuterie board!

"Take a picture before I eat it!" 😂

Just hanging out in his fav spot on the couch

I'm in trouble... Go to sleep 😫

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