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I love listening to my husband scream at his game ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Hi! It's been awhile! Today we went back to our normalish schedule. Colton and I dropped Harlee off at school. We went home and he took a nap, then we went to the mall. We didn't really do anything but walk around. Honestly it was quite a boring morning. Then we cam home and both napped because he is not sleeping so well at night again. We are at the stage where it's time to cut out the third nap of the day, but when we do he's fussy. So it's a difficult time for all of us. But that's okay. This too shall pass. After we woke up we went to pick up Harlee from school. Her teachers actually had a conversation with me today so it's official... they don't hate me. ๐Ÿ˜… Online has been hard for us with all of the schedule changes, so Harlee doesn't always make it and I hate it. It makes me feel guilty but it's really not easy. It would be so much better if life was back to normal and school was in person. *sigh* Anyway, she insisted on running in the field and at first I was like.... no... but then I realized I should utilize this energy burning moment. So I let her run through the field a few times but it's too cold to stay out there for too long. We left, got some gas and went home. Mike got home at the same time as us, so that was really nice. We weren't just sitting around waiting for him like we usually do. Mike cooked some meal preps for himself while we all jammed to some music. It was a good time. Someone came and bought my desk today! I am excited because it was in our spare room which Mike and I are turning into our little room. He has a new gaming set up! Surprise! That is what I did for him while he was away. (Pics below) I am currently typing this while he plays. I bought a futon for the other side of the room so I can have my own little quiet space.... Well quiet while he is not playing... I forgot how loud he is. lol I am so excited to see how this room turns out!! I think it will be cute. So that was my day, now I have to find something to entertain myself while he games. WAH. Give me ideas!! Enjoy pics from today. Love y'all โค๏ธ Lord help me he is YELLING. ๐Ÿ˜

Colton checking out the strangers @ school

It's windy!

She is just so darling

"Mommy I want to run all day!"

Make a wish!

Seriously How did I make this adorable girl?!

They are so precious


Mike screaming while I blog ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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