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Free at Last

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Today was my first day without the weight of school on my back. The beginning of the day was a little rough because we had to drop Olivia, my cousin, off at the airport. Saying goodbye is one thing I hate the most. I know it's more of a see you later but one week is just not long enough with such a beautiful soul. Since I was sad and the sun was out I took the kids to the park. I am somewhat ashamed to say they haven't been to the park in a LONG time. In fact, I am not sure my 9 month old son Colton has ever even been to the park! Wow. I feel awful now. Welp!

Anyway, after my son picked up his first stick... I sure sound like a terrible mom right now 😅 Harlee my four year old was chasing birds around. She had a blast and that made my day in itself. She is currently pooped watching some stupid Larva tv show on Netflix right next to me. I hate this show. Oh well, at least it's not Ryan's World. I am OVER the science experiments lol We got some Chic-fil-a AGAIN. I think that was maybe the third time this week and its Wednesday... Lord help me. I did get her a fruit cup so I felt a little better about that. It was so nice out I had to eat outside but I don't know what's open due to Covid. So instead I grabbed a blanket and we had a Chic-fil-a picnic. CLASSY. Once Colton went down for a nap I put Harlee in her swimsuit and gave her a bowl of water to play in outside. I can't make this up. Parenting is really that simple, NOT! But today was a good day. Just pray she doesn't pass out next to me or my night will suffer. Crap, the baby is awake. I gotta go, until next time, enjoy some pictures of my "trying to survive and entertain my kids day"

Hanging out at the park
Colton's first stick

Classy Chic-fil-a Picnic

Waffle fries for the win

Ft the spilling lemonade cup in the back

Oh what fun! A bucket 😂

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