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Changing Priorities

Hey you!! I know I know, I disappeared again! Whoops!

I don’t even know where to start. The place I was when I began this blog and where I am today blows my mind. The Lord has done a WORK on my life. No joke! Anyway, I traded in my laptop for an iPad because I am typically a very creative person. Since I am no longer in school I figured an iPad would get more use out of me. Boy was I right!! I decided to go a week without TikTok and on my iPad I made a few templates for Bible study and stuff. I will post them here so you can use them if you’d like!

So…. Truly I decided to get more organized and take a break from social media because I had a panic attack yesterday. It was so bad I threw up. I never get like that anymore, and I literally mean NEVER. Not since I came back to the Lord. So I realized it’s time to reevaluate myself and what my priorities are. Lord knows I am not organized but my goal right now is to discipline myself enough to be more organized. So far it’s working, but it’s also day one 😂

Here is the PVAT and PRISM a template I edited.

This is how you do it,

Prayer - ”What do I need from you today?”

Vision - “What do you need from me?”

Accountability - “When do you need me to do it?”

Testimony - What did God do for you yesterday? Give him thanks!

Praise - Read a chapter in Psalm every day.

Read - Choose a book and read one chapter each day.

Insight - There are 31 Proverbs, go off the day of the month.

Study - S.O.A.P method (Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer.)

Meditate - Reflect on SOAP

This is really the only study method I use for now. I’d consider myself still a beginner. I hope that it can help you though. Remember none of us are perfect. You’re doing awesome!!!


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