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Better than the day before

Yesterday was Harlee's first day of school! Mom of the year award goes to me (Not really...) I thought it would be a good idea to be productive and walk Harlee to school. It's like a 15 minute walk. Considering I have never been to that school before, that was a bad idea. Luckily I got her there in time but they lock the doors at 9:15 and it was like 9:08 when I finally found the classroom. So I was pushing it. I will probably try again next week. It was a nice walk. She talked the entire time there. I did tear up on the way back because it was SO QUIET. I am not used to quiet anymore.. I keep asking her what they did but she says she doesn't know. They took a nap and ran through a field. lol Bubs and I had a fun day. We napped and then went to get something for his dad's surprise. I am so excited. He is going to freak out when he sees. Due to him possibly reading my blog before he sees the surprise, it will be a surprise for anyone who reads this as well. Today I was honestly hungover. I lost track of my wine while playing video games last night. 😫

So you can imagine today was quite miserable. However it was nice to not really do anything. Harlee is done with in person for the week. I'm hoping to take her to do something fun at least one day this week but I am pretty sure the weather forecast is pure rain. LAME. The second it gets hot out she will be playing with the water balloons she has been bugging me about every. single. day. lol There was some funny things Harlee said today and I completely forgot to write them down. So my content today is bare. I have pictures to share though! I am loving my life back to normal though. Spending my every second with the kids and for the kids is so nice. I have to clean the rest of the week though and buy some beer for Mike. I know he will want one. haha. I will part with, having two kids was the best decision of my life. I love these buggers so much. Hearing them make each other laugh and watching Harlee take care of her brother makes my heart so warm. So if you're looking for a reason to have baby #2, do it! This is your sign. It's SO worth it. Love y'all.

Harlee had a meltdown until I told her to let me take a picture because she is just soooo cute!
Meltdown Tuesday

First day of in person PreK!

"I'll get the dog scoop!" (I accidentally buried it)

Every time I turn around he's standing

Yummy Veggie burger

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