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Bear crawling on the beach

Yesterday was awful. Bubs woke up screaming and tired. I was exhausted and dehydrated. So I just stuck it out until his nap time even though he pretty much whined the entire time. He finally fell asleep.... At least I thought. His nap only lasted 20 ish minutes. He refused to let me put him down, he wasn't hungry. It was just rough. So I said "heck" and got everyone ready. It was 80 degrees yesterday so I took them to the beach. Bubs got a little nap on the way there. We walked to the park on the beach so Harlee could burn some energy. She had a blast. I tried to get bubs to sit in the sand but he is definitely not a beach boy for now. 😂 He did the little pout face and just started screaming.... So I put him back in his stroller and he was fine. It was actually way colder at the beach than I thought it would be (Stupid wind). So I prompted Harlee to leave, she didn't want to leave so I started counting. She refused to I grabbed her arm and dragged her little butt in the sand, while also pulling the stroller with a heavy baby in the sand.... talk about struggling. I didn't drag her long and I said, do you want to get up now? You are going to get sand in your underwear! So she stood up. Then she said "grab my arm again!" and plopped on the ground. She really asked me to drag her across the sand while laughing.... The people around us probably thought I was a crazy mom.... Lol I told her to get up because she was going to get sand in her butt crack.. (I had to be honest or she wouldn't have cared. So she started bear walking. (What is wrong with this kid?) She literally tried to do it all the way to the pizza place which is definitely over a mile. She had to sit on every bench too.... 5 years later we got to the pizza place and that was yummy. I had one beer and ate most of the pizza, whoops! Colton ate a lot of pizza too! Harlee just kept putting red pepper flakes on her pizza and then saying it was too hot.. lol That was basically all we did. Once we got home I tried to get Colton to sleep again but he still refused. By the time his dad got home he was just screaming and nothing would help him. I tried to distract him and remembered he LOVES being outside. Like if you close the front door and he sees you close it, he will cry! So I took him outside. It started raining and i knew it was going to. I wanted to see if he would enjoy it. He did! It kept him busy for awhile. Harlee, Colt and I all got drenched. It was fun. We were cold, so i took a quick shower and then bathed Colton. Harlee followed after him. Colton cried the whole bath and he never does that. So I put him down at 6:30pm which is early, but honestly it was finally quiet so I didn't even care. I was able to turn a not so good day, into an okay day and that was everything to me. I have been sitting around wishing for i don't even know what for so long. I am done doing that. I want to make the most of every day because I am truly thankful. God has given me literally everything I have prayed for. I have a green eyed blonde haired girl, I have a baby boy, I have a handsome husband, we are living comfortably and working our way out of debt. Since I was a kid every birthday I wished for a laptop and a puppy. Now I have two dogs and I am typing on a brand new laptop. I have food on the table every day, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. I am able to help out friends if and when they need it. I am truly so blessed there is no reason to dwell in sadness. God is so good. I hope y'all have an amazing day y'all! Love you ❤️

PS. My friend, Lauren, was able to do my new logo!! YAY!

"Do you have to do that the whole way?" "Yes mom"

She definitely threw sand at me.....

He hated every second of the beach...

Sitting on every. single. bench

Finally she listens lol

Pizza pizza

It's raining it's pouring

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