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Am I replacing my husband with packages??

This morning some random number called me a few times. I straight up ignored it because Colton had finally fallen asleep after a looooong night. I figured if it was important, they would leave a message. When I woke up I got an email from Mike, my husband, saying he had tried to call me!!! So note to self (and any other milso) DO NOT EVER miss a phone call from a random number if your husband is gone. I didn't even know they could call unless it was an emergency! Ugh. One of our neighbor's car's makes the same sound as Mike's does when he gets home and I am operantly conditioned to perk up when I hear it. Quite disappointing when I remember he is gone for work.

I decided to start working out again today!!!! It was.... hard. lol Granted I did try for T-25, but it's quite discouraging considering I used to work out 3x a day for fun. Who knew one day I would be this out of shape. It's okay though. I will reach my health goals eventually. I have completely changed the way I eat vs the way I ate in school. My sophomore year I would have a whole can of frosting for lunch.... and that was it.... So I'd say I'm doing quite well compared to my old self. I just have to add in some kind of physical exercise so I can stay healthy!

I have been waiting for a package quite literally ALL DAY. I bought a bunch of new cleaning supplies with a cute caddy (pictured down below). I was so excited. I was surprised when it said "You're doing awesome, Dezarae" on the box. Like God told someone that is exactly what I needed to hear. Never in my 26 years of life has any stranger wrote on a package for me.... and i get... a lot.... of packages....

Honestly today was pretty uneventful. I let Harlee play in a bucket again but that's about it. I'm tired from lack of sleep, so i had zero motivation to do anything. Harlee starts school on Monday though so thats when the real party begins! just kidding just kidding. Maybe I will designate a day of the week to adventures or something. I'm not sure. Right now I am just anxiously waiting for Mike to email me back and planning to spend all of our money while he's gone... again I'm kidding... or am i. Honestly I don't even know 😂 Maybe instead of cleaning tonight when the kids go to sleep, I should just go straight to bed. I mean that would be the smart thing to do and I am just the smartest. 😅 I am pro longing this post for no reason other than boredom while my kid eats an Elsa lid.... Goodnight ❤️

Mom leave me alone

Smiling 4 pizza

What a cutie

I'm obsessed w this swimsuit lol

Ok.... I made her do this one 😂

Me waiting for my package like.....

Is that you mr. ups man???

Literally made my whole day

Part of the free set I got... LOVE

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